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It puzzles me why less than 20% of active women strength train.

The benefits of weight training for fat loss far outweigh those of cardio. Think you’re going to get big and bulky? Think again. You might be surprised to learn that lifting weights is the most efficient way to quickly become lean, strong, and sexy.

The negative prejudice towards lifting weights is an all to common misbelief that is holding women back in achieving their fitness goals.

As a trainer and coach, I spend a lot of time convincing female clients to ditch the treadmill hamster-wheel, and get ass-to-grass in the squat rack. After all, my job is to make people lean, strong and sexy, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Slow Cardio is Making You Fatter, Weaker, And Bored to Death

Hey Treadmill Bunny – You just ran for an hour and burned 300 calories (less than one “healthy” blueberry muffin at Starbucks)– congrats, just 11 more hours and you’ll have burned 1lb of fat.

On top of that, your body most likely used some of your muscle for energy (2).

Less muscle means more body fat.

But, wait, your hormones are virtually unaffected by cardio. You experience no prolonged metabolic benefit (aka EPOC). The minimal calorie burning stops shortly after you step off the treadmill (3). Now, that’s inefficient.

You’ll Lose Fat While You Sleep

One study of over 700 females showed that weight training for 25 minutes 2-3 times a week leads to gaining nearly 2 pounds of muscles, and losing 4 pounds of fat (4).

In addition to burning a respectable amount of calories during a high intensity lifting session – you’re setting up your body for metabolic reactions that burn calories for up to 36 hours after your workout (5).

Enter Basal Metabolic Rate: The Secret Weapon of the Sexy

In order to support lean sexy muscle, your body burns calories. Lots of them.

As you gain more lean muscle, you increase your BMR, and the amount of calories you burn while resting.

The more lean muscle in your body, the less body fat you’ll have, and the harder it will be to gain weight. All it takes is 2-3 sessions a week to maintain your lean muscle. Sounds like a good deal to me.

You WILL NOT Get Big or Bulky

“Umm, But, Like, I’m a hot girl, I don’t want big muscles, hehe”

I’ve heard this too many times. This is a myth. This is a negative prejudice. This is a misbelief that is holding you back from being strong and sexy.

Hormones, like testosterone, are responsible for muscle growth. Women have anywhere from 10-30 times less testosterone than men. (7)


Unless you’re injecting yourself with anabolic steroids (synthetic hormones), training like a monster, and ingesting a massive amount of calories.

Hell, even guys that are doing everything in their power to build “big and bulky” muscle are struggling.

However, You Will Develop Nice Assets (and kill cellulite in the process)

I Like Big Butts and Can Not Lie” – Sir Mix A Lot

The Gluteus Maximus (dat ass) is one of the strongest muscles in your body. The shape of your Glutes are influenced by muscular development.

When it comes to building size in your Glutes, there is no substitute for a deep, heavy squat. This will also help rid you of cellulite, while “firming” and “toning” your legs (8).

You’ll also strengthen your lower back and help prevent back injuries and aches that are all too common as we age.

You Will be Stronger

Studies show that moderate weight training can more than double a woman’s strength (9).

When you’re stronger,  daily tasks like groceries, lifting children, and pushing that creeper at the club off of you, become much easier, and enjoyable.

You’ll Feel Damn Good

What do sex, laughter, and exercise all have in common?


Along with the sense of pride that comes with completing a challenging workout, our body rewards us with a dose of euphoric chemicals called Endorphins. These affect us like powerful drugs, without the addiction and side effects.

Disclaimer: You might get addicted to feeling amazing everyday. Not a bad problem to have.

Runners high? Try a lifters high. It’s much easier and faster to achieve. The more intense the workout, the greater the dose of endorphins released (10).

A Bonus Reason by Daniel Wallen, Author of The Busy Woman’s Guide to Getting Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous

You can finish a strength training workout in the time it would take you to drive to the gym.

All that is required for solid results is about 3 sessions a week for 30-60 minutes each. You’ll get double the results in half the time of those jogs you’re doing right now.

You can get fitness results without the hamster wheel, I promise. Strength Train and you’ll have more time and energy to do the things you love the most.


There is nothing more enchanting than a female commanding a respectable amount of weight at the gym.  It’s effective. It’s empowering.  It’s god damn sexy.

If you’ve made it this far down and still aren’t considering strength training –  what’s your excuse?

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