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When I polled my readers on what they want to hear about next, an overwhelming majority responded with working out at home.

It seems a lot of us struggle from the same issues – finding the motivation to actually enjoy working out at home.

These past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with running my business and training (myself and others) out of a home gym.

While it’s awesome being able to bang out some deadlifts  in-between client work, there are some major pitfalls to working out at home.


The gym is a place to do work. When working out at home, motivation takes a huge hit. There are no Treadmill Bunnies to impress here. All of a sudden, trying to break a personal record loses all of it’s flair.


There are too many distractions when working out at home. It’s too damn easy to wander off and do something else (like write this post). Yesterday, I skipped my recovery (stretches and foam rolls) to begin working on the ShaboFit Cookbook. My body feels terrible today.

The Tabata Method solves all of these problems.

By producing a powerful fat burning effect in only 4 minutes, there really is no excuse not to do this.

This week we’ve got a guest post brought to you by Levi, Head Coach at a minimalist fitness blog dedicated to getting the most done with the least amount of equipment, time, and energy.

He’s going to introduce the most effective and efficient home workout protocol – the Tabata Method.

This post is all about efficiency.

It’s short, sweet, and actionable.


Enter Levi

This is about sexiness.

Of course any follower of ShaboFit knows that, but I am just not talking physical appearance. I am talking about your exercise routine.

The truth is, while most people may be able to attain a sexy body without a sexy fitness routine, they sure as hell won’t be able to keep it (will-power and discipline only goes so far). For long-term sustainable sexiness, we will need more.

What we need is stimulation. This is the stuff we get from coffee and Facebook.

Unfortunately, when we work out at home, we lose a lot of stimulation. It’s just too hard to stay focused.

So rather than wait until your routine has become boring, you must constantly switch it up, and take on new challenges – to keep yourself stimulated.

Meet Tabata

Wasting time is not sexy, and if we want to keep our workouts stimulating, we’ll want to make them as short as possible. Tabata is a Japanese conditioning workout that allows us to do this.

The Basics:

Pick one exercise (preferable lower body or core).
Do this exercise for 20 seconds followed by resting for 10.
Repeat this on/off cycle 8 times.

Pat yourself on the back (cuz you just dun did grandma proud!)

Why This Is Awesome

Other than the fact that it is only 4 minutes long, it is also an extremely great way to boost our metabolism.

Alon: Intense exercise (like Tabata) puts some serious stress on our bodies, albeit only for a few minutes. To cope with this stress, the body raises our BMR  – the amount of calories we burn while resting. Which basically means we’ll be burning extra calories for up to 24-36 hours after our 4 minute workout.

So fat loss in just 4 minutes? Yeah, pretty awesome.

Taking Action

By now, you probably think this sounds too good to be true? You’re right, there exists a caveat: For those 4 minutes that you do exercise, you have to work your friggin butt off.

To make sure beast (or beastette) mode is activated, make sure you do a little warm-up beforehand (complete with coffee, mobility, and maybe some Breaking Bad) and do it with a friend (they always bring out the worst in us).

Anyways, enough fluff.

This post was only supposed to be your energy bar.

Alon: It better be a Cinnamon Roll Quest Bar.

Here are the 3 Steps to eating it:

1. Pick an exercise: Either squats or flutter kicks.
2. Use this special Tabata music I made here.
3. Count your reps and write them down in between rounds (only if you did squats obviously)

When you’re done, proudly lie on the floor, and do your best Nicholas Cage impression from the warm-up video above.

There you have it. A highly effective and efficient home workout that takes 4 minutes. That’s less than 1% of your day.

If you’re just getting started with fitness, DO NOT attempt Tabata – you’ll throw up (or die). If you’re a regular, I do not recommend doing Tabata more than 2-3 times per week.

Make sure to thank Levi for this fantastic guest post by checking out WithoutaGym on Facebook.