So, the FTC has passed laws to protect you, the consumer.

As an “information marketer” they require me to disclose if I may have financial interest in my recommendations.

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

For every product I recommend, you can assume that I make a small commission, or get a high five, or some free protein.

But keep in mind that I’ll only recommend trusted products that I’ve used, tested, and deemed beneficial to myself, and my clients.

Because if I recommended a product every time someone e-mail me and offered me a nice commission, well, I’d be trying to sell you a lot of crap.

I only recommend superior products. The way I see it is that if I recommended a product that wasn’t supremely awesome for you, well then, my reputation would be damaged.

And as a blogger, writer, and aspiring fitness authority, the last thing I want is my reputation to be damaged.