Online Coaching is really the most effective and affordable way I can offer my services as a Certified Personal Trainer.

What originally started as a way for me to help people that couldn’t afford my services in-person, has evolved into a full time thing that is helping people in 4 countries take control of their fitness, and improve their lives.

With Online Coaching, I’m kinda like your very own personal fitness consultant. Here for your every health and fitness related need. That means I offer 24/7 support. You can hit me up whenever you’re unsure of something, or just need someone to talk you out of eating that entire jar of ice-cream. I have e-mail OCD and tend to get back to people fairly quickly.

Some people e-mail twice a day, others twice a month. You kind of determine your own level of involvement in this program.

When we begin, we go through a fitness assessment. The assessment goes over everything from your current diet to how much time you legitimately have to train per week. This helps me understand you, your lifestyle, your history, and your goals. After the assessment, I might follow up with a question or two, and then proceed with getting you started.

That means I customize the most effective workout plan for you and advise you on your current diet, and give you tips on how to see progress, without hating your life.

Every two weeks I’ll schedule your workouts for you on my custom platform and app (Iphone and Android). You’ll get daily workout reminders, and be required to log your workouts (so I can keep track of your progress). If you don’t understand an exercise- there will be text instructions and video demonstrations.

The plan will constantly be tweaked and adjusted depending on your progress, which we’ll be assessing every two weeks. These reports help identify what’s working, and what’s not – so I can be sure you’re on the best plan possible towards your goal.

You’re also getting a weekly food log to fill out so I can give you feedback and design an eating strategy based on your current eating habits. I require the first week to be filled out, and after that it’s completely optional. I recommend filling it out every week for the accountability alone.

On top of customizing your training plan and nutrition strategy, you’ll also get a 56 page success manual outlining everything from your groceries, to training, eating guidelines, and making it all happen.

This manual will help put you in the right direction, but without a doubt, the biggest value of this program is the fact that I am your personal trainer. I’m not just sending you a plan and wishing you luck – I will be personally checking in with you at least once per week, checking on your progress, and constantly tweaking our strategy to make sure you’re on the right track towards your goal.

Now, get ready for the sales pitch:

The price of this exclusive coaching program is $149/month, however, I am discounting this rate to $100/month for friends of my clients.

That’s a $49/discount – basically, stay in the program for just two months, and you’re getting the third one free.

Training with an average Joe personal trainer at your local gym would run you about $60-75/session. Training three times per week will cost you anywhere from $720-900/month. Usually that price tag does not include nutrition support. Not to mention that I’ve charged clients upwards of $100 per single session to train with me (hey, my time is valuable, don’t judge).

Basically: It’s a great program at a great price. You will have to do some work, but you will see results that last.

Like everything else on the Internet, billing is done through PayPal on a recurring basis.

You can cancel at any time, however, I do ask that you stay in the program for at least two months, doing everything correctly, so we can, you know, see results.

Signing up is easy and you can do it HERE. You’ll hear from me within 12 hours.

One More Thing:

I know there are hundreds (if not thousands) of companies all promising you this magic solution. I am working my ass off to differentiate my company, and put everything under a 100% NO BS guarantee.

If you’re not happy with me or the results I’m getting you within 30 days, I’ll gladly refund your purchase. All I will ask you is one piece of critical feedback so I can improve for future clients.

And regardless: Thank you for your interest, and thank you so much for checking out my work.

Be Awesome,


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