45 minutes of art therapy can stave off stress

In our time and age, stress has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. With so many people tackling so many things at once, almost everyone seems overly stressed. Art therapy is one way to improve your mental health. Have you ever felt a sense of calm when you picked up a paintbrush, wrote in your journal, or just started coloring? Over the years, several studies have demonstrated the positive effects of art therapy on mental health. This World Mental Health Day, let’s find out how you only need 45 minutes of art therapy to control your stress levels.

Art therapy for mental health

Art therapy involves using creative techniques to treat psychological problems and improve mental well-being. The practice of art therapy is based on the idea that artistic expression can promote recovery and mental health, according to a study published in The Arts in Psychotherapy. The goal of art therapy is to help people use self-expression as a way to develop new skills and express their emotions instead of suppressing them. Studies have shown that people are able to explore their emotions, be more self-aware, learn to manage stress, and improve their social skills by creating or appreciating art.

Try art therapy to reduce stress levels. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

45 minutes of art therapy is enough to manage stress

A study published in An International Journal for Research, Policy, and Practice found that practicing art for just 45 minutes can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. For the study, researchers included 39 healthy adults aged 18 to 59, including 33 women and 6 men. An art therapist led 45 minutes of individual art-making in a studio open for study. Before and after the artistic creation session, participants completed questionnaires including the positive aspects and

Negative affect schedule and general self-efficacy scale. Participants gave brief summaries of their works and remarks on their art-making process at the end of the session. Free art creation in this context was found to significantly reduce stress by inducing positivity and improving self-efficacy.

So when life is too much for you to handle, turn to art for just 45 minutes to avoid stress. Managing stress is as important a task as anything else in your life. Art could help you change the emotional and mental state you are stuck in. Practicing art regularly can help improve your overall health, including your mental health.

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Types of Art Therapy to Reduce Stress and Improve Mental Health

If you’ve been feeling too stressed lately and are looking for simple but effective ways to improve your mental health and reduce your stress levels, try these therapies. Here are some of the best art therapies to reduce stress:

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1. Dance

Do you like to dance? Well, you are in for a treat as it can help reduce stress levels significantly. Known as dance or movement therapy, it is one of the most effective methods for promoting emotional, social, physical and cognitive health. A study published in The Arts in Psychotherapy found that movement and dance therapy helps reduce stress. Stress was found to be significantly reduced after 6 months of dance therapy.

2. Coloring

Have you ever tried coloring mandalas? Well, studies have shown that coloring is a healthy way to calm the brain and help the body relax, thereby relieving stress. Since it helps reduce stress and promote relaxation, it may also help promote sleep. If you are looking for ways to combat stress, try coloring because it can help!

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3. Pottery

People who practice pottery often describe it as therapeutic and relaxing. This is because it calms their mind and relieves stress. Studies have also shown that making pottery can relieve stress and improve your mental health.

Try pottery if your stress level is high. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

4. Writing

Have you ever written a poem or paragraph about how you feel right now? Sometimes putting your emotions on paper helps you deal with the stresses of life. According to Harvard Health Publishing, writing about your thoughts and feelings about a stressful time in life can help you overcome the problem.

5. Drawing and painting

Stress can keep you in a constant state of unease that affects everything from your sleep schedule to your appetite. Something as simple as putting pen to paper can help you take control of your thoughts and control your stress levels. A study published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association found that just 20 minutes of drawing can help reduce stress and improve mood.

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