5 Bad Walking Habits You Should Stop

Walking is a type of exercise that seems quite easy. You don’t need to go to a gym, lift heavy weights or use any other equipment. Although it seems simple, many people tend to make mistakes while walking. Poor walking habits can negatively impact your comfort, health, and overall walking experience. So, before you tie your shoelaces and get ready to walk, learn about the bad walking habits you need to quit.

Walking errors and how to correct them

It might surprise you, but people frequently make walking mistakes.

Eliminate bad walking habits. Image provided by: Shutterstock

1. Inappropriate shoes

Incorrect shoes can cause discomfort and even damage, says Aminder Singh, fitness expert at Team Aminder. Make sure your shoes fit well, are comfortable, and have enough front width for your toes to spread naturally. This way, you will be less likely to get blisters and other foot-related problems.

2. Bad posture

Good posture should always be maintained for efficient walking. Maintain an upright posture and avoid slouching. This promotes better breathing, relieves back tension and improves balance in general.

3. Look Down

When walking, many people tend to look at their feet or mobile devices, which can strain your neck and back and cause you to become less aware of your surroundings. Instead, keep your eyes straight ahead to maintain your posture straight and your awareness of your surroundings.

4. Inadequate arm swing

Coordinated arm swinging is part of good walking form. You need to move your arms against your legs. This coordinated arm swing improves your walking efficiency while helping you maintain your balance and rhythm.

5. Insufficient water intake

Even when performing a basic exercise like walking, it is important to stay hydrated. If you’re dehydrated, you may end up with fatigue and muscle cramps. Carry a bottle of water with you and drink it frequently to maintain proper hydration.

It is also essential to wear comfortable clothing to avoid chafing and overheating when walking.

Benefits of walking correctly

There are many benefits to walking properly and they can help improve your overall health and well-being.

If you walk correctly, you can enjoy many benefits. Image provided by: Shutterstock

1. Injury Prevention

The risk of injury is significantly reduced by walking correctly, the expert tells Health Shots. Your chances of tripping and falling are reduced when you walk correctly because your body is balanced and stable. This reduces the risk of sprains, strains and other conditions caused by poor walking form.

2. Preservation of joints

When you walk correctly, you evenly distribute pressure on your joints, protecting them from unnecessary strain. Your joints can be protected from long-term deterioration, which can lead to conditions like osteoarthritis, by avoiding excessive impact on them.

3. Ankle protection

Paying attention to your step and foot placement is an important part of walking efficiently. This prevents your ankles from rolling or twisting, which can hurt and cause long-term problems. The risk of ankle injuries is significantly reduced by proper foot alignment and controlled movements.

4. Knee Alignment

Your knees will be perfectly aligned with your feet and hips if you walk with proper form. This alignment reduces stress on your knee joints and reduces the risk of patellofemoral pain syndrome, which can be caused by poor walking form, says Singh.

5. Lower back health

Walking with good posture reduces pressure on the lower back and supports the natural curve of the spine. This can help deal with current lower back problems and prevent new ones from emerging.

So, adopt good walking habits to reap the benefits.

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