5 Best Protein Serums for Hair Growth

We all want a shiny and healthy mane. But due to air pollution and ambient heat, getting and maintaining strong and beautiful hair is a difficult task. These factors damage your hair, making it dull, dry and prone to breakage. Protein serums can come to your rescue. Protein hair serums are gaining popularity due to their ability to combat several hair conditions and promote hair growth. If you want to give it a try, we have listed some best protein-based hair serums for you.

5 Best Protein Hair Serums

Here are the best protein-rich hair serums to promote hair growth and control hair loss:

1. Tru Hair Protein Serum

Tru Hair Protein Serum is the best hair serum, packed with the natural goodness of onion extract, biotin and caffeine. This unique blend of ingredients is helpful in combating hair loss and promoting thicker, healthier hair. On the other hand, protein helps strengthen hair follicles, minimize hair breakage, and give your hair the shine it needs. It is free of parabens, sulfates and LLP, ensuring healthy hair growth.

2. Clensta Eggstreme Hair Growth Serum

Clensta’s Eggstreme Hair Growth Treatment is a powerful serum enriched with egg protein and 1.5 percent Redensyl. Egg protein, rich in essential amino acids, provides the building blocks needed for strong, shiny hair. Redensyl, one of the best hair care ingredients, is known to stimulate hair growth and regrowth. This serum not only promotes hair growth but also improves its shine and volume.

3. Moms Co Natural Hair Serum

Moms Co Natural Hair Serum is a combination of Moroccan Argan Oil, Wheat Protein and Oat Protein that nourishes and adds shine to your hair. Moroccan Argan Oil controls frizz and repairs damage, and Wheat and Oat Proteins, rich in amino acids, strengthen hair strands and prevent breakage. This serum is therefore a great choice for those looking to stimulate hair growth and add volume. What else? It is also suitable for controlling hair loss caused by hormonal changes.

4. BBLUNT Intense Shine Hair Serum

BBLUNT Intense Shine Hair Serum is infused with rice and silk proteins. Therefore, this serum is known to add shine, smooth your hair, and reduce frizz. This is a game changer for those who want shiny, stronger hair. Rice protein also helps add volume, strengthen hair follicles and prevent anti-inflammatory effects on the scalp. Overall, this serum improves the overall appearance of hair.

5. HY Keratin Infused Protein Hair Serum + Vitamins

HY+ Vitamins Keratin-Infused Protein Hair Serum is a powerful blend of keratin and other nourishing ingredients. Keratin is a key structural protein in hair, and this serum replenishes it, making hair stronger and more resilient. It also contains a blend of vitamins that support overall hair health. This serum is a perfect choice for those looking to restore and rejuvenate their hair. It can help repair damage, reduce hair breakage, and improve the overall appearance of your strands.

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