5 weekend self-care tips to rejuvenate after a busy week

We hustle all week and juggle work and family responsibilities. This leaves us with little or no time for ourselves. A rush day can be very taxing on our mental, physical and emotional health. If your weekdays are stressful and demanding, your weekends need to be filled with time for self-care to rejuvenate you for the week ahead. Weekends are the perfect time to take care of yourself, especially your favorite: rest. After an endless week of meeting deadlines and running errands, take advantage of the weekend to focus on your well-being. So, let us give you some tips for taking care of yourself on the weekend!

Health Shots reached out to clinical psychologist Dr. Kamna Chhibber for some self-care ideas.

Well, you might be a party animal, but just for your sanity and to rest, you can ditch this party and maybe have an all-nighter to finish the last pages of your favorite book or just relax under your cozy blanket for just watching an OTT show or movie. Do anything, but make sure your weekends are filled with positive energy to help you regain a healthy mind and body.

From head to toe, weekend self-care is all you need! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Wondering how to take care of yourself? Here are some expert self-care tips to ensure your weekends are filled with nothing but love, care and rest.

1. Rest, rest and rest

While tough weekdays and piled up responsibilities don’t leave us enough time to rest, weekends should be set aside to give your body time to relax and rejuvenate. “Get enough rest,” advises the expert. One of the best things about the weekend is the luxury of free time it offers to take a nap. During sleep, our body heals and improves. An exercised body will always be in a restless state, while if you give it time to sleep and rest, you will naturally function better over the coming week.

2. Treat yourself to activities you enjoy

Weekdays are filled with an endless pile of work and family responsibilities, weekends should be filled with time for the activities you enjoy. There are times when we stop indulging in our favorite hobbies due to lack of time during the week. Rekindle your spark and practice some self-love by indulging in creative yet relaxing activities. It can be anything, reading a book, doodling, painting, doing yoga/meditation or a walk in nature, to name a few.

3. Don’t forget to give your loved ones time

“Make quality time to spend with your family and friends,” suggests the expert. In a chaotic and busy life, we forget to give time and love to our loved ones. Take advantage of this free weekend to laugh, have fun with your loved ones and create good memories with them.

give yourself more love and rest this weekend
It is NOT selfish to think about your own needs. Image provided by: Shutterstock

4. Slow down

On weekdays, we constantly struggle to keep up with the pace of our fast-paced lives. Every day passes in a jiffy and in the blink of an eye you reach the weekend. “Slow down the pace at which you do things over the weekend,” advises the expert.

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You need to slow down and make a conscious effort to be mindful of every self-care activity you perform so that your mind has enough time to heal and relax.

5. Do a digital detox

Whether it’s the screens of our laptops or our cell phones, we’re all surrounded by gadgets all week. The expert suggests everyone to do a digital detox and free themselves from the constant need to use gadgets all week.

Make it a weekly self-care routine and see the difference it can make in your life!

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