7 Tips for Cleaning Dirty Makeup Brushes and Avoiding Skin Infections

Makeup has become an important part of people’s lives. Whether it’s hiding imperfections or helping certain people gain confidence, it plays a central role. Makeup brushes are an integral part of makeup. Even though you need them often, people overlook the importance of cleaning them. Raise your hand if you’re someone who hardly ever cleans their brushes, and be honest about it! We’re all aware that we should clean our makeup brushes, but sometimes it seems almost impossible to find the time to do so. Imagine putting on makeup but ending up with a fungal infection. That’s right! Studies have shown that your makeup brushes might be dirtier than your toilet seat.

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science found that makeup accessories are prone to a lot of bacterial contamination due to their exposure to many surfaces. Makeup brushes are exposed to pollution, dead skin cells, and dust, which can lead to several skin problems. It is therefore essential to disinfect the bacteria by cleaning them properly. So, how do you clean your makeup brushes?

Tips for properly cleaning makeup brushes. Image courtesy: Freepik

Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

1. You need a few things to properly clean your brushes. You need shampoo or soap, brush cleaner, and a brush cleaning mat that will help you clean your makeup brushes and get rid of the bacteria that breeds on them.
2. Pour a few drops of liquid soap onto a brush wetting mat and wet the bristles of the makeup brush with lukewarm water. Now use circular motions to clean the brush and rid it of all impurities.
3. If you don’t have a brush cleaning mat, fill a bowl with warm water and swirl the brush tip in it to clean it.
4. Wash them until the water runs clear from the brush.
5. Gently squeeze the water from the brush bristles. Avoid tightening it too tightly as this will cause the hairs to fall out.
6. Now lay the brushes flat on a towel and get rid of excess moisture with a clean, dry paper towel.
7. Let them air dry for a few hours or days and store them properly.

makeup brushes
Clean your makeup brushes properly to avoid skin problems. Image courtesy: Freepik

What happens if you don’t clean your makeup brushes?

If the tools you use to apply makeup are dirty, you may get breakouts that won’t budge easily. Besides breakouts, several skin problems can occur if you don’t clean your makeup brushes. Studies have shown that you may get staph infections, pink eye, and even wrinkles earlier. Dirty makeup brushes can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and unwanted bacteria, making your skin more prone to infections. And be careful, not cleaning your makeup brushes can even lead to insects spreading on your brushes. So that should be reason enough to get up and put those makeup brushes in some warm water.

It is extremely easy to clean your makeup brushes, but you must make sure to clean them regularly to avoid skin infections. Also avoid sharing your makeup brushes with anyone, especially during times or weather conditions where skin infections are more common.

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