Get to know the benefits of drinking coffee

Do you have a favorite playlist? If so, prepare to take some time for yourself by listening to your calming playlist over coffee. Just like chai or tea, this energizing elixir is not just a drink. It’s an atmosphere! Early in the morning or after the busy hours of the day, coffee lovers come together to bond over a cup of coffee or perhaps enjoy some alone time. Its aroma and taste is like pure decadence in a cup. That being said, the health benefits of drinking coffee go far beyond pleasure and energy. If you are a coffee lover and curious about how coffee benefits your health, read on to find out more!

Health Shots contacted Jaisleen Kaur, Health and Lifestyle Coach, Dehradun, to understand the benefits of drinking coffee.

What are the benefits of drinking coffee?

When we’re asked about coffee, most of us answer and know it’s all about the caffeine. Yes, you said it right! But did you also know that caffeine stimulates the CNS (Central Nervous System)? When caffeine hits your brain, it signals it to fire more neurons, increasing energy metabolism throughout the brain. Scroll down to learn more about the benefits of drinking coffee every day.

Coffee has its share of health benefits. Image provided by: Shuttertock

1. Coffee improves alertness and concentration

The benefits of black coffee lie in its caffeine content. Like all coffee, it contains caffeine, a natural stimulant that blocks adenosine, helping you stay awake and alert. However, its simplicity means it offers this benefit without the added sugars and fats found in specialty coffee drinks, the expert shares.

2. Coffee improves physical performance

When it comes to fitness and exercise, coffee can be your friend. The caffeine in coffee increases adrenaline levels, allowing you to push your physical limits during workouts, improving your endurance and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

3. Coffee contains many antioxidants

“Coffee is a treasure trove of antioxidants, such as chlorogenic acid. These compounds help fight oxidative stress, reduce inflammation and support your overall health,” adds the expert.

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4. Coffee can help you manage your weight

For those who want to lose weight, coffee is a valuable companion. Its caffeine content can boost your metabolism and promote fat burning. At the same time, coffee activates your nervous system, causing it to signal your body’s fat cells to break down body fat.

By opting for coffee over other sugary drinks, you’re making a calorie-conscious choice that aligns with your wellness goals. So, before hitting the gym, you can mindlessly drink more coffee, knowing that it will catalyze your weight loss goals.

benefits of drinking coffee
Drink coffee for these benefits in addition to delighting your taste buds! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

5. Coffee may reduce the risk of disease

“Studies suggest that coffee consumption may reduce the risk of various diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain forms of cancer. These potential health benefits are linked to the antioxidant-rich nature of coffee,” explains the expert.

According to studies, regular coffee consumption can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Coffee improves mood

Coffee isn’t just about physical health; it can also help your mental well-being. Caffeine’s ability to stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine can improve your mood, reduce the risk of depression, and improve your overall mental state.

How much is too much coffee?

It’s essential to remember that, like any other food or drink, moderation is key when it comes to coffee. Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to restlessness, insomnia and nervousness. Aim for a balance suited to your tolerance and listen to your body’s signals!

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