Reduce stress from morning to night with these tips

If there is one word that can explain the current lifestyle, it is stress. We know that minor stress has positive results, which is why we grow beyond our comfort zones. However, chronic stress hampers our ability to function normally, and our creativity can hit rock bottom in times of extreme anxiety. To productively keep up with our busy lives, we need to be on the lookout for solutions that help us reduce stress. Practicing certain habits should be a daily ritual. It is only when we incorporate good habits into our daily routine that we will be able to reduce stress and avoid health problems.

Health Shots contacted Dr. Ushakiran Sisodia, Registered Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist, Nanavati Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mumbai, to understand some of the daily stress reduction techniques.

Reduce stress with these daily activities

Stress is irreplaceable in today’s relentless competitive life. Modern professionals, whether urban or rural in India, often find themselves accepting anxiety as part of their ambition without realizing its disastrous effects on their minds and bodies. Addressing this dynamic requires a mix of mindful practices, intentional activities, and dietary choices to ensure productivity and growth without sacrificing our mental or physical well-being.

Chronic stress can take away from the joy of your day and rob you of your peace of mind. Follow these stress busting techniques to keep stress at bay. Adobe Stock

The expert suggests incorporating minute changes into our daily routines to witness drastic changes in our stress levels.

How to reduce stress in the morning?

“For a mindful morning routine, start by waking up after seven to eight hours of consistent sleep, necessary for optimal cognitive and physical functioning. Waking up a bit earlier will give you plenty of time for deep breathing or meditation, followed by a brisk walk, light stretching, or yoga. These exercises energize your body and mind, preparing them for the workday ahead,” says the expert.

Nutritionally, start with a balanced breakfast that includes whole grains, protein and a serving of fruit, ensuring sustained energy and focus.

Have a stress-free afternoon with these tips

As the sun rises, the workday intensifies and stress levels rise, mental focus becomes necessary. The expert suggests employing techniques like the Pomodoro method, which calls for concentrated work intervals interspersed with short breaks to help maintain focus. These breaks can be optimized for short walks or deep breathing exercises, both of which are effective in refreshing the mind.

Supplementing this with a lunch enriched with leafy green vegetables, known for their magnesium content, can further protect against stress.

Tips to reduce stress before sleep

As day fades into night, a deliberate effort should be made to shift the focus from professional growth to personal growth.

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“Practice physical activities like walking or cycling that only offer a mental break but also release built-up physical tension. As evening approaches, consider feeding the spirit with a few snacks high in essential fatty acids like almonds. It is important to completely disengage from work-related communications to reinforce the demarcation between work and leisure, ”suggests the expert.

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Conclude the day

The night is a time of relaxation. From reading to keeping a journal or listening to soft music, anyone can introduce any relaxation habit into their routine. Consuming tryptophan-rich foods during dinner may be beneficial.

In addition, creating an environment conducive to sleep, characterized by a cool, dark room and minimized exposure to screens, can be the final touch in this daily quest for balance.

By incorporating specific practices, activities, and dietary choices, one can effectively manage stressors and achieve a holistic sense of well-being.

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